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American actress Shannon Elizabeth considers poker as her second career. She enjoys poker so much, obviously, and plays up to three times each month. But this is not the only game she plays and she’s got another favorite thing to do, which involves another player who would do pleasurable things to her and with her. When she’s not on set doing shoots and just wanted to chill, another camera rolls and records her scenes where she enjoys sucking on huge dicks and getting her tight ass stuffed rough. This is a win-win game for Shannon as it both pleases herself and her fuck toys.

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Shannon Elizabeth is an excellent bluffer. This American pie hottie describes poker as her “second career” and has been called “one of the leading celebrity poker players.” She visits the Las Vegas poker tables regularly, up to three times each month to participate in poker games with the top players of the United States.

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Shannon Elizabeth played in the Main Event of the 2005 World Series of Poker and won a special tournament celebrating the opening of a new poker room at Caesars Palace hotel in January 2006. This Texas hold ‘em vixen beat out 83 celebrities and poker professionals to win 55 thousand dollars.

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